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I have a practice in energy medicine, using Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA), EFT tapping, and animal communication to help cats, dogs, horses, and other species with illness, disease, injury, pain, trauma, behavioral issues, end-of-life care, and general health maintenance. Energy medicine is also useful for surgery recovery, immune strengthening, and disease prevention. By rebalancing the animal's energy system, this approach supports the body's innate ability to heal and optimizes the function of all body systems and organs.

I work with all species. I live in Sheep Ranch, CA, and make house/barn calls in the Gold Country region. For those in other locales, I offer distance healing.
To schedule an appointment, call two zero nine--seven two eight--8364, or email me at
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LuLu the cat gets treatment

Energy medicine typically produces deep relaxation. Animals often go to sleep during a session. Here I am giving LuLu, 17 years old, a treatment to strengthen her energy system so she can better handle the challenges of aging.

Lulu sleeps during energy work

LuLu sleeps peacefully, soaking up the energy treatment.

Cinco extends her sore paw for treatment.



Diagnosed with arthritis, Cinco, age 11, limped badly on her left foot and didn't want anyone to touch it, or even look at it. At first she hid her paw from me, but after experiencing the energy work, she did me the honor of trusting me enough to offer me her paw. Cinco no longer limps.

Cinco the dog offers his sore paw for treatment


"Stephanie, you are indeed blessed with the ability to work animal health improvement miracles. I am thrilled to report that LuLu Kitty at age seventeen and a half years is doing marvelously, and the change in her physical well-being and behavior is astounding! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! While her appetite increased and her limping from arthritis decreased after your first visit, the results from the second visit were even better. Her eyes no longer weep and drip (a lifelong challenge now apparently solved), her arthritic stiffness is almost completely gone, and she no longer cries when she is picked up (your vertebrae energy adjustments really worked to realign her body so that she is more comfortable). LuLu is running and rolling and playing in a way that she has not done in years, and she no longer hides when people visit. LuLu's increased friendliness, relaxed demeanor, interest in the birds and walkers outside the front window, and renewed willingness to play reflects that she is feeling significantly better than she has in a long time. My friends have noticed the changes in LuLu as well, so it is not just my wishful thinking that she is feeling better. I am so grateful that you are sharing your healing capabilities with LuLu and that her health and quality of life have been much improved. I highly recommend your services to anyone that loves and wants to do something wonderful for their animal companion(s)—an energy tune-up brings great results!"
Warm regards, Karen L., San Francisco, CA

"Lily is a seven-year old cat with chronic asthma and other allergies. A traditional vet had diagnosed Lily with a brain or nasal tumor. Stephanie performed weekly HTA treatments with her to clear her chakras and assist in the healing process in conjunction with a homeopathic vet. As she worked with Lily, I was impressed with her patience and invitation to Lily for healing. Lily trusted Stephanie and would relax into comfort while Stephanie worked with her innate healing energies. Lily continues to improve long after the vet thought she would be gone. A few weeks after Stephanie started working on Lily, my other cat, Siena, who is a very timid and shy cat due to early trauma, started coming over to Stephanie asking for her own treatment. This was highly unusual for Siena to approach anyone other than myself. After a couple of sessions, I noticed marked changes in Siena as she quit hiding in dark places and became more comfortable in her living space. Her personality became less skittish and more trusting. I attribute it to the healing love that Stephanie gave to her. I highly recommend Stephanie for her intuitive healing abilities and her kind, compassionate, and respectful approach toward animals."
—Sandra Fisher, Sebastopol, CA

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