Peaceable Kindom

After many rainy days in January, we have emerged from the drought, for now, anyway. (In my view, water conservation should be part of life—honoring this precious resource by not wasting it.) All the animals are spending time lying in the sun. At this moment, though, the sheep, goats, and donkeys are walking by my office window, heading in a line to the barn. Earlier, Perseus the horse was racing back and forth in the same pasture, followed by barking dogs, excited about this running game. Meanwhile, Pegasus the elder was in the garden where the grass has not been eaten down. I’ve been letting her and Perseus spend their days in there. I forgot to remove the bird feeders, though, so came out later to find the feeders on the ground and the two horses happily munching away at the spilled seed. Not a good thing to feed horses, but they were happy with the little bit they got.

watermelon buffet

Watermelon buffet in January

In mid January, during another break from the rain, by way of celebrating the sun, I cut up watermelon and laid it out in one of the pastures for a watermelon buffet.

All the animals, including the dogs, love this fruit and they all came running. They ate it so quickly, I barely had time to get a picture. I love to see the way they all eat together—family harmony.

Giving thanks for this peaceable kindom in the midst of the painful world. Giving thanks for all the women who marched in solidarity around the globe, reminding us of the wonder that is humanity.

And then there was snow…

snow at breakfast

Breakfast a week after the watermelon buffet

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Stephanie Marohn runs the Animal Messenger Sanctuary, a safe haven for farm animals in northern California. She also has a practice in energy healing for animals and is the author of 10 books, including What the Animals Taught Me: Stories of Love and Healing from a Farm Animal Sanctuary.
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